Thursday, July 21, 2016

Deals at David’s: A Toronto-Based Retailer for Ultra High-End Women’s Shoes

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Summary: The purpose of this release is to inform female shoppers about the many offers and products available through David’s Footwear.

Deals at David’s: A Toronto-Based Retailer for Ultra High-End Women’s Shoes

July 18, 2016

Women looking for designer and ultra high-end shoes have a new online destination. David’s Footwear is a Toronto retailer that offers popular women’s shoe brands and luxury footwear through the company’s website. Women who want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion can browse by designer or style. The word about this company will soon be spread even further than before thanks to the fact that OneCore Media, formerly known as ICM Consulting, will handle the e-commerce development for the company.

The full range of shoes available includes both formalwear and casual wear like sneakers. Despite this wide range, all the shoes available through the website have one particular thing in common: they all represent the pinnacle of fashion and are highly sought out by shoe enthusiasts throughout the world. By providing such a large variety in one simple place, the minds behind David’s Footwear have not only set themselves up in a profitable business model, but they have also provided a one-stop solution for people who want convenience, affordability, and fashion in one simple package.

Those who wish to accessorize their new shoes can do so right on David’s own website. Accessories that match shoes are readily available. Options range from handbags to scarves and much more. Within a few minutes of accessing the David’s website, it is possible for somebody searching for a new look to get everything they need.

The David’s Footwear website can be accessed anywhere in the world at Despite the fact that the retailer is specific to the Toronto area, the actual products can be shipped easily and affordably throughout North America and beyond.

About the Company:

David’s Footwear has been selling shoes and accessories in the Toronto area since 1951. It is the largest independent luxury shoe store in all of Canada and a staple on the Canadian market. Known for its shoes and handbags, the company has catered in the past to both men and women.


Friday, November 27, 2015 Teams Up with ICM Consulting to re-platform and build a superior user experience

Build your own case of handpicked Ontario wines with a revolutionary new tool designed by WineOnline and Powered by ICM Consulting

WineOnline, the premier online wine shop in Ontario, has launched a revolutionary new website user experience and a great new tool that lets customers create their own six-pack of wine from some of Ontario’s leading wineries. 

Ontario law states that wine can only be sold, purchased and shipped in its original case. This has made it incredibly difficult for customers to buy more than one type of wine at a time. The “Mix A Six” Program from WineOnline changes this, allowing customers the unique opportunity to create custom cases of six bottles from some of the best wineries in Ontario.

It’s the perfect way to sample some of the great wines that Ontario has to offer.
This ground-breaking program is possible thanks to a flexible ecommerce platform and a great website design created by ICM Consulting.

“I was impressed with ICM Consulting and their expertise with best of breed ecommerce platform technologies,” said Aaron Bick, Founder and CEO at “We have a big opportunity to generate incremental sales and these guys are able help us achieve our goals.” 

The “Mix A Six” technology and program allows the customer to quickly find their favourites wines, add them to a mixed box of six and have them shipped right to their home. It’s never been easier to buy wine online and this program is possible thanks to ICM Consulting.

“We worked with the team at WineOnline to develop some really great ways to not just sell wine, but also to reward loyal customers for their business,” said Lawrence Farbman, VP Ecommerce Strategy at ICM Consulting.

In addition to the new website look and the work on the “Mix A Six” program, ICM also incorporated a unique loyalty program into the WineOnline website where customers can earn WineOnline Loyalty Points by making purchases on the site. These points can then be redeemed for WineOnline Accessories such as beautiful stemware, helpful carrying cases, high-quality corkscrews and more.

"Lawrence and his team of ecommerce & marketing ninjas delivered a brand new experience for our customers with really cool features that make it even simpler to buy wine online and also help us stay in contact with our loyal customers,” said Bick. “What I liked about these guys was that they went in with a marketing mind and focused on conversion tactics and user experience and wrapped it all up with the latest and greatest platform tech by Magento."

The new WineOnline website also features a Canada Post / Life Experiences gift card integration, making it easier and more convenient than ever for customers to give their loved ones the gift of a unique wine experience of WineOnline, allowing anyone to purchase a gift card at their local Canada Post / Shopper's Drug Mart or purchase a gift card online.

With a 33% month-over-month growth in organic traffic and overall website conversion attributed by a new website experience and ecommerce platform powered by Magento, WineOnline hopes to continue its growth and expansion by providing an unmatched shopping experience for wine lovers and, in time, become a truly national online wine shopping destination.

About WineOnline
Founded in 2004, WineOnline has a goal of making quality wines more accessible to wine lovers. The company focuses on making high quality wines that are not otherwise retailed in Ontario accessible to members of the general public from the comfort of their own homes. The company’s website makes it easy to find wines, read reviews and order wines for delivery right to a customer’s door. WineOnline can be found at

About ICM Consulting & Media
For more than 14 years, ICM Consulting & Media has delivered internet marketing solutions that focus on the client’s bottom line. ICM is a full-service digital marketing agency, offering website development, marketing strategy, social media solutions, search engine optimization, reputation management, email marketing and more to companies of all types and sizes. The company can be found online at

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ICM Consulting Corp.
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

JavaWorks Coffee Company and ICM Consulting Band Together to Increase Retail Growth

The JavaWorks Coffee Company will work with ICM Consulting to expand online and retail growth for the purpose of boosting sales and increasing revenue, particularly in retail stores. 

Toronto, ON (March 5, 2015) – JavaWorks Coffee Company, a well-known coffee roaster in Canada, has chosen ICM Consulting & Media to assist them in expanding their presence and growth in the marketplace, both in their retail stores and through their website. 

JavaWorks chose ICM Consulting for its familiarity with the Canadian ecommerce industry and overall technical experience. JavaWorks believes that this experience will help them boost their revenue and brand recognition in nationwide retail locations as well as online. Currently, JavaWorks is a coffee supplier that offers coffees, teas, and related supplies to cafes and restaurants via its retail stores and website. The company anticipates that ICM will help them boost their brand recognition in Canada and around the world. 

ICM's focal point was the JavaWorks website, which they revamped to provide full service to customers. Now, when customers visit, they can order gourmet coffees, premium teas, smoothie mixes, flavoured syrups, and more with just a few clicks. The enhanced customer experience leads to higher conversion rates, allowing the company to blossom as it delivers premium products all across Canada. 

ICM chose Magneto as the platform for JavaWorks' new site, claiming that its ability to optimize conversion, segment customers, and grow alongside the company were favorable in this case. The new site is incredibly responsive and intuitive, which allows functionality on smartphones and tablets as well as computers. Phones and tablets make up a vast percentage of the devices used for search queries among the Canadian public, so the new mobile-optimized website has become a vital part of JavaWorks' success.
Lawrence Farbman, the Vice President of Ecommerce Strategy at ICM, says, "During the website and platform development stages, it became clear to all parties that having a responsive website was crucial. With more and more searches being done on mobile every day, JavaWorks understood that their new website design must look great and be fully functional on phones and tablets in addition to PCs."

The new focus of JavaWorks' website is ecommerce since this method is perfect for growing brand recognition, which is already solid, across the globe. The tactics and technology used by ICM give JavaWorks an advantage in terms of marketing capabilities and customer service features, such as integration with CanadaPost and automatic email responses. This means that customers can order and receive their products much easier than before, making JavaWorks more appealing to the public.
ICM and JavaWorks look forward to the future of their partnership and the anticipated brand growth fueled by both companies' focus on ecommerce. 

About JavaWorks
JavaWorks is a family-based Artisan coffee company in business since 1968. They roast only high quality coffee beans from around the world for specialty cafes, fine restaurants, and other centers for hospitality across Canada. Through their website, they sell coffees in Homesense and Winners locations both through retail outlets and online. The site is available at

About ICM
ICM Consulting & Media has specialized in internet marketing solutions focused on their clients' revenue and ROI for more than 14 years. They offer marketing strategies, website development, social media solutions, email marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, and more as part of their full service digital marketing solutions. For more information, please visit

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Friday, May 8, 2015

ICM Media's Content Marketing Strategies Help Burnetie Shoes Increase Canadian Market Reach by 40%

A partnership between ICM Media and Burnetie Shoes utilizes SEO, content marketing, and ecommerce strategies to reach out to a larger Canadian audience. 

Toronto, ON (April 1, 2015) – A partnership between Burnetie Shoes, an international brand known for responsible, eco-friendly shoes, and ICM Consulting & Media, successfully increased Burnetie's market reach. The partnership focused on Burnetie's ecommerce, web design, and marketing needs.
According to a spokesperson from Burnetie, and the Vice President of Ecommerce Strategy at ICM, Burnetie ultimately chose ICM due to its partnership and strategy approach. 

"Burnetie was looking to work alongside an agency that would understand its mission, goals, and values," said Farbman. "They were drawn to the partnership approach that ICM provides as it relates to ecommerce and marketing. Our two companies working together was a perfect fit."

At first, ICM turned its focus to Burnetie's website, optimizing it for SEO. They also created a more user-friendly, responsive website that works well cross-platform, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. They also focused on web design, marketing strategies, and ecommerce. 

Then, ICM worked to create an ecommerce marketing strategy, including SEO, which would thrust Burnetie into the spotlight among its target audience. Now, Burnetie is in a position to attract more consumers across Canada and increase its overall share of the market. 

The largest effort between the two companies is content marketing. They worked together to seamlessly integrate search engine optimization into the website and its included content, and they geared this content toward Burnetie's desired audience. As a result, 40% more Canadian consumers view the Burnetie brand. This alone signifies outstanding growth in the industry and the sheer strength of the partnership between Burnetie and ICM. 

"By effectively targeting our marketing plans, we've seen huge growth in Burnetie's reach. Our ongoing partnership will continue to push Burnetie's brand further and promote the company to a wider audience," says Farbman. 

About Burnetie Shoes
Burnetie Shoes is the creator of environmentally friendly, fashionable, high quality footwear. They strive to benefit not only the environment and their customers, but also the men and women who produce the shoes. They are set apart from their global competitors with zero-waste factories and their dedication to their workers, their customers, and the Earth. 


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ICM Consulting and Media has more than 14 years of experience in various aspects of marketing, ecommerce, website development, search engine optimization, social media solutions, reputation management, and more. The marketing giant works with companies across the globe to improve brand recognition and online presence with its full-service digital marketing strategies. 

The ICM Group of Companies

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